Vertical do Ponto has been operating since 1990 manufacturing military parachutes such as: personnel, cargo, extraction  and free fall, also manufacturing equipment for aircrafts, airborne and military troops, among other products on demand,  which we will be happy to develop


Vertical do Ponto jumps ahead and reaches for the skies. Our sport parachutes weren't made in South America, but from now on, they will also be made in Brazil, maintaining high quality

and  safety standards as the parachutes made abroad. This initiative will enable local  production and, more importantly, provide clients with more competitive prices.


With innovation, dedication and commitment to quality and safety, Vertical do Ponto is driven

by a great passion for Parachuting.  From military to sport parachutes, it is our mission to

provide protection, satisfaction and smiles in the air.  We leave the wild jumping part to you!



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